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BI offers different options for student housing from three different external housing providers; SiO, Diakonhjemmet and BSN. BI has a service called the “BI housing guarantee”, meaning that when you come to Norway for the first time and apply for student housing through the housing office before May 24 for students starting in Autumn and October 1 for students starting in the Spring semester, you are guaranteed a place to live. To be covered by this guarantee, you have to apply through the BI housing office.

BI student housing provider:

BSN has all their rooms located in Nydalen. Here you live in doublets, and share bathroom and kitchen with one other student.

Diakonhjemmet is located a few minutes north of Majorstuen. Here, you get your own bedroom, but share bathroom and kitchen with several others.

SiO offers student housing in many different student villages across Oslo. When you are applying directly to SiO, make sure to check out the difference in location, price and facilities.

Private student housing provider:

Anker offers different type of rooms.

You can read more about the different housing providers and their facilities at the bottom of this page.

To give you a picture of the housing options, we prepared a small comparison table, where you can see the price range, transportation and utilities. Please note that the transportation time is based on google map and the actual housing price please refer to each housing provider’s website.

Also, you can find a map below, which has main SiO student housing options, BSN and Diakonhjemmet highlighted on it. You can see how far/close they are located to BI campus, city center and etc.

The process to apply for housing is as following:

Fill out the housing form for BI and pay a 1000 NOK fee for reserving a room

Wait for the BI housing office to delegate housing

When given a housing option (you are not guaranteed your preference), you need to apply directly to the housing provider.

You will then receive a contact from SiO, Diakonhjemmet or BSN.

Sign it and pay the deposit – then your set for student housing at BI!

Please note:

The Pre-Application form is for international students starting at BI and coming to Norway for the first time.

Please use a computer and not a phone when completing the form.

Have your credit card ready when starting the application. An online payment of the fee (1000 NOK) is required to complete the registration. Do not refresh or leave the web page while making a payment. 

After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email from the BI Housing Office. Later in May/October you will receive another email confirming which housing provider you have been assigned.

Please do not apply directly to our housing providers before instructed to do so. After you are assigned a housing provider, please apply directly to them before the deadline we give you in the email.

It is important that you accept the first offer you receive from your housing provider, as you are only guaranteed one offer.

If you experience any problems with registration, please contact the BI Housing Office ( If you experience any problems with payment, please contact your credit card company.

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